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In Force Policy



NIC Distributor App enables you to view your in force policy information across multiple Carriers.

You and NIC, both partner with the Carriers to securely obtain in force policy information.


This is broken down into three steps:

  1. Your core Carriers

  2. Requesting your in force policy data from Carriers

  3. Data analysis and matching

NIC will appoint a NIC Carrier Relationship manager to work together with you to obtain your in force policy data. 

Core Carriers

Your Core Carriers

NIC has a growing number of Life Carriers that have partnered up with NIC to provide in force policy data, and we continue to add more Carriers to our platform. For an updated list of Life Carriers, please visit our Resource Center. 

Your core Carriers:

  • Provide your NIC Relationship Manager with a list of your Carrier partners. Your NIC Relationship Manager will work with you in completing the Data Authorization Letters for the Carriers that NIC has partnership with. 

  • If a Carrier you are looking for is not one of NIC's Carrier partners, NIC Carrier Relationship Manager will work with you to get the data from those Carriers. 

NIC Carrier Partners


NIC Resource Center


Requesting Your In Force Policy Data from Carriers

Once you have identified your core Carriers, the next step is to request data from NIC's Carrier partners.


NIC Carrier Relationship Manager will send you a DocuSign link to Data Authorization Letters you will need to complete and sign.

Data Authorization Letter Requirements: 
  • Your Firm's Tax ID Number (TIN) 
  • Your BGA codes
NOTE: You will only see the data for the BGA code(s) provided. 


Once NIC receives the completed and signed Data Authorization Letters, NIC's Carrier Relationship Manager will work with the Carriers to get your in force policy data. 


You NIC Relationship Manager will introduce you to the NIC Carrier Relationship Manager. 

The timeline for receiving in force policy data depends on the Carrier and the file format used. For Carriers that NIC has a partnership with, the average timeline to receive data is approximately 2-4 weeks.

For Carriers that NIC does not have partnership with, you will be asked to make the introduction between the Carrier and the NIC Carrier Relationship manager. Once the introductions have been made, NIC's Carrier Relationship Manager works with the Carrier to get your data.

For new Carriers where NIC needs to establish a data feed, the timeline to get your in force data depends on the Carrier. Some Carriers require NIC to complete a security audit. These audits can take up anywhere between 3-6 months, depending on the extent of the audit. Once the audit is complete, NIC will work with the Carrier to set up the SFTP, test files, etc. 

Requesting your Data
Data Analysis & Matchig

Data Analysis & Matching

Once NIC receives your in force policy data, the following steps take place:


NIC downloads the in force policy files the Carrier has sent and analyzes it;

  • The quality of the data displayed on the platform depends on the richness of the data feed that NIC receives from the Carrier

  • NIC will inform you of any deficiencies found in any of the Carrier data feeds. 


If data is sufficient in quality and matches the anticipated policy count, the data is loaded to NIC pre-production environment

NIC is working closely with our Carrier partners to enhance their in force data feeds and to provide better quality data 


NIC will match policies to their servicing Agents based on the Agent identifiers provided in your Hierarchy file. 

  • If the Hierarchy file is missing the Agent ID for any of the office or Agent, then those policies will be matched to the office or Agent indicated in the Carrier data feed and appear under the 'Unassigned' business unit.

  • If a policy/contract is missing a servicing Agent identifier, it will also appear in the 'Unassigned' business unit.


Once the NIC analysis and data matching is complete, your NIC Relationship Manager will send you and your Super User an email with login information to the pre-production environment. You will log in to the pre-production environment to validate your data. 


Once in pre-production, please confirm to your NIC Relationship Manager:

a) anticipated policy count by each Carrier

b) anticipated number of policies for each office and Agent

c) policy information is appearing correctly

d) your Organizational Hierarchy and roll ups look as expected

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