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NIC Premium Services


In order to augment your configuration of the NIC Platform, you may wish to integrate NIC Platform with another service you use, such as AMS services, reporting services or other tools. In order to do so, you will need purchase Premium Services.

Premium Services are the custom development, integration, and consulting services requested by you and provided to you by NIC. Whether it is integration to a single-sign-on (SSO) or a custom integration to your AMS, additional work beyond the scope of the basic services provided by NIC is required.

Premium Services work may be provided on either a fixe-rate or time-and-materials cost basis depending on the scope and definition of the work required, which is defined in a Statement of Work (SOW), and upon execution becomes part of the Master Services Agreement between you and NIC.

This chapter will provide you with the following information:

  • Identifying types of Premium Services

  • Defining Statement of Work

Premium Services

Types of Premium Services

The following discusses the types of Premium Services available from NIC, however it is not considered exhaustive. If you have any needs for services that are outside of the original scope of the project or not identified here, please discuss them with your NIC Customer Success Manager, who will be able to provide you with more information.


SSO Integration

With single-sign-on (SSO) a user has the ability to log in with a single ID and password to any of several related but independent software systems. If your Agents are using SSO system, you can use your SSO service to sign into NIC.


API Integrations

The NIC Platform can integrate data with other services, using our aggregated view as a source of your other desired services. In order to integrate with other systems, NIC needs to be able to connect via an API service. While it is our preference to use our own API tools and can do so without any difficulty, we are able to integrate with any other API services provided by other vendors. 

To initiate a service integration using another vendor's API, an initial assessment must be provided by NIC's Technical team to determine the full scope of work required to complete the integration. The initial assessment may also require the completion of a SOW, please discuss any integrations of this kind with your NIC Customer Success Manager so we can determine any needs for an assessment.


Training Services

NIC provides basic user guides and videos to all NIC Platform subscribers, however you may wish to have access to more direct training provided. If desired, we can send a training facilitator to your offices to help you increase your mastery of the NIC Platform. 

These services are provided on a time-and-material basis, and may require provision of a travel and hospitality allowance. Please speak with your NIC Customer Success Manager for more details.


Support Services

The NIC Platform does not provide any Service Level Agreement (SLA) for our application or hosting and makes no claim as to a timeline required to address any issues found by our users or provide any direct support. 

If you wish to ensure a higher level of support services, including the services of our support team to assist with any issues you uncover relating to your integrations and/or data, you will need to engage NIC for additional support services. Please speak with your NIC Customer Success Manager for more details. 

Statement of Work

A Statement of Work (SOW) is a legal agreement between you and NIC that becomes part of the Master Services Agreement. It contracts NIC to provide a specific Premium Service to you, and defines the nature of those services. 

All Premium Services require the completion of a Statement of Work (SOW)

Deliverables: Deliverables are any and all of the materials produces by NIC through the execution of a Premium Service and Statement of Work. This includes such items as the ideas, software, source code, documentation, and any other items that we prepare either on our own or jointly with you.



Your NIC Customer Success Manager will work with you to complete any and all statements of work desired. We will help you to identify a description of your project and all deliverables to be included. Each Statement of Work will need to identify the following information:


  1. Project Definition: This includes a high-level statement of what the project is intended to do, and why, including any business cases necessary to be supported. We will help you to document this section, but it will be driven by you. This section will also identify if the project is to include phased delivery, as some projects may be too complex to deliver in a single deployment.

  2. Scope: This includes at a high-level what will be included in the deliverables, as well as any dependencies and assumptions made in creating the SOW. This content will be driven by the Definition and requires NIC and you to work together to identify, document, and confirm as necessary.

  3. Timeline: This is the desired implementation schedule for the project and will be determined jointly between you and NIC.

  4. Deliverables: NIC will document all deliverables to be included as part of the work in a more detailed fashion. This will not be as detailed as a business requirements document, however for some SOWs a business requirements document may be a part of the deliverables.

  5. Resource Requirements: Where the definition and scope are clear, we will produce a statement of effort for the resources required to work on this project, as well as any additional associated integrations necessary.

  6. Financial and Payment Terms: We will document the cost of the service(s) to be performed under the SOW, including any pass-through third-party charges (if any exist), as well as the payment terms. Our standard terms are Net 30 days upon delivery of our invoices, with invoices delivered monthly on lengthy projects.



Upon our submission to you of the completed SOW, NIC will await your signature. On receipt of the signed SOW, NIC will execute and add this SOW to the Master Services Agreement between you and NIC.



It may occur during the course of the execution of Premium Services that a Statement of Work will need to be amended. Any SOW can be amended with joint agreement by both you and NIC to a Change Request form.


The Change Request will include the specifics of the change to be made to the SOW and any estimated impact to costs that arise from the desired change. Changes must be countersigned in order to be considered in effect.


Ownership and Licensing of Deliverables

Unless defined otherwise in the SOW, all materials and deliverables produced through NIC's Premium Services are owned by Insured Connect (NIC), and are not considered “works made for hire” under the United States Copyright Act. This includes all patent rights, copyrights, trademarks, know-how, trade secrets and other intellectual property rights, including the right to secure protection for and enforce these rights in any jurisdiction.


We provide you with a limited license to use any Deliverable that has been paid for, and in the case of those with other subscription-based costs, for which payment is current, so long as you are a subscriber to the NIC Platform or until other conditions negate this license as defined in an applicable SOW.

Statement of Work
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