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Validation Testing



NIC will work with you to perform validation testing prior to going live to production with your implementation.

The validation testing consists of you (or super user or an admin user) logging into the NIC Distributor pre-production environment and confirming your hierarchy, in force policy data and content are correct.


Once the validation is complete you will be required to provide a written sign-off on your testing and acceptance of the setup prior to go-live into production. 

Hierarchy Validation

Organizational Hierarchy Validation

To make sure that we have uploaded your Organizational Hierarchy correctly, we need you to log in a validate.  

  • On Home page, scroll to the bottom and from My Team section click on View All

  • Review to make sure that all the Business Units have been loaded

  • Click on one of the Business Units and review the profile

  • Keep going down the hierarchy tree reviewing the profiles until you get to the Agent profile

Hover over the image for validation steps

In Force Policy Data Validation

Once you have validated your Organizational Hierarchy, you need to validate the in force policy data we have received from your Carriers. 

  • From Left Navigation menu, click Explore

  • From Explore page click on Life Policies - View All Life Policies link

  • Using the Filters on the left, select different Carriers to view and confirm the policy count

Hover over the image for validation steps

Data Validation
Content Validation

Content Validation

Validation of your content would have happened before the content got loaded onto the platform for you by a NIC Representative. Please see Chapter 4: Distributor Content for more details. 


  • You can skip this validation step as you will be uploading your content directly in the production environment. You will be able to validate and edit the content directly. 

  • Your NIC Representative has provided you with a screenshot of what your profile would look like in the Agent App. 

  • See Chapter 4: Distributor Content for more detail. 

Hover over the image for validation steps

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