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Agent On-Boarding


Once you are in production with your in force policy data, next step is to invite your Agents to join you on NIC!

To do that NIC will work with you to provide your Agents with access to the NIC Platform, thus providing them with access to their book of business. 

Why to On-Board Agents?

Why do you On-Board Agents

By giving your Agents access to their book of business, they now have access to a unique tool that will allow them to service their Policy Owners and mine their book of business for sales opportunities. 

How do you On-Board Agents

Agent on-boarding consists of 6 steps that NIC will work with you to complete:


Develop Marketing Plan and Roll-Out Strategy

The NIC on-boarding team will work together with you to develop and execute a marketing plan to promote the NIC Agent App to your Agents. 

A marketing plan typically consists of:

  1. e-mail campaign

  2. hosted webinars

  3. promotion at meetings and conferences

It is suggested that you invite your Agents in stages. Decide on the criteria for your first, and subsequent rounds of initiation (e.g. number of policies or alphabetical)


Execute Marketing Plan

The NIC on-boarding team will provide you with sample content for an e-mail that your would use to send to all your Agents, introducing them to the NIC Platform and explaining how to access it. 

The NIC on-boarding team will also host an introductory webinar for the Agents.

In addition, the NIC on-boarding team can provide a 'Welcome to NIC' video script if you chose to record a welcome video.


Invite Agents

You or the Super User will use the NIC Distributor App to invite your Agents to subscribe to the NIC Agent App.

  1. In the NIC Distributor App, go to Network and filter by Agent

  2. You can choose additional filter criteria to create an invite list and manually select or de-select individual Agents

  3. Click on the 'Invite' button. Invite status can be monitored in the Network list. Note that only Agents with e-mail can be invited to subscribe.

NOTE: There is also an 'Invite' button on every Agent's profile page, so you can invite them individually. 

Invite your Agent


The Agent Accepts the Invitation

You should be aware of the steps your Agents will need to complete in order to subscribe to the NIC Agent App:

  1.  The Agent receives an e-mail invitation, which includes a link to the NIC Agent App. If you have recorded a 'Welcome' video, it will be included in the invitation e-mail.

  2. In addition to the invitation e-mail, the Agent also receives a temporary password e-mail, which is used to start the Agent on-boarding process.

  3. The Agent is asked to agree with EULA agreement to the NIC's Terms & Conditions.

  4. The Agent is asked to validate their identity.

    1. To validate their account and protect their data, they have to provide last 4 digits of their SSN

    2. In addition, they have to go through Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA) process by providing their mobile number. An SMS is sent with verification code to validate the Agent.

  5. Agents have access to their e​ntire book of business. The data is not shared across different Distributors and each user is restricted to only the data they are authorize to view


Monitor Usage

Your NIC Customer Success manager will provide you with a user report indicating subscribers and activity and those who are not yet on-boarded. You can use the report to guide future on-boarding initiatives and invitations.


Training & Marketing

The NIC team will work together with you to provide continuous training and to market the NIC Platform to your Agents.

NOTE: Training includes NIC Resource Center, which can be accessed through each App, as well as monthly webinars, newsletters and additional professional services training.

For Professional Services training please contact your NIC Customer Success Manager for more information. 

How to On-Board Agents
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